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TAYYIBAH ISLAMIC ACADEMY                                                    We are open for student registration for the new academic year of 2020-2021 for online instruction. We offer classes from KG to Grade 12.

Tayyibah Islamic Academy, a Private school, located in Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was founded with the objective of providing quality schooling, whilst offering a strong academic program to satisfy the needs, interests, and abilities of Muslim Torontonians. It caters for students from Preschool to Grade 12.


Tayyibah Islamic Academy is committed to being a commendable academy, offering elementary and secondary school courses and promoting the achievement of foundational understanding and expertise by all of our students. We are committed to prepare students for further education and work, and to help them become independent, productive, and responsible Muslim members of our Canadian society.
We are dedicated to fostering an academic community in which the learning of every student may flourish, with vigilant protection for individual interests, and a firm commitment to the principles of equal opportunity, equity and integrity. Within our unique secondary school context, the most crucial of all human rights are the rights of freedom of speech, academic freedom, and freedom of research.
We hope that as a Muslim community, parents, students and our teachers can work together in promoting Islamic teachings along with high academic standings for the advancement of the future of our students.


We are determined to ensure that all of our students meet the Ontario Secondary School Diploma requirements after completing Grade 8. In Grades 9 and 10, courses strongly promote the acquisition of foundational knowledge and skills by all students. Students also begin to focus on their areas of strength and interest. In Grades 11 and 12 the program is designed to allow all students to choose courses that are clearly and directly linked to their intended post-secondary destinations.
We are also determined to provide an Islamic environment in which our students can have mature spiritually as well as a demanding academic environment. Tayyibah Islamic Academy is committed to ensure that all of our students gain an in-depth understanding of Islam and learn how to incorporate the teachings into their own lives. Student achievement, based on high expectations and standards, is the prime focus of secondary education. We believe that secondary education along with the teachings of Islam is a partnership among parents, students and our teachers.


The Academy will strive to ensure that its students are educated, with the ability to think clearly, judge objectively, and contribute constructively to society.
In all its teaching programs, Tayyibah Islamic Academy is committed to:
1. Achieving the highest academic standards;
2. Attracting students whose abilities and aspirations match all of the courses available;
3. Responding to the needs of our students;
4. Enriching the experience of students by working together and assisting them in the realization of their educational goals especially as these involve their life-long learning and career development, their physical and emotional growth and their needs.
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