Tayyibah Islamic Academy
Tayyibah Islamic Academy
The academic courses at TIA are designed to expose all students to a wide variety of creative, social, and scientific experiences. These will help them to discover their own strengths and develop new ones and lead them to new opportunities that they may explore.
Our school believes in the necessity of offering an academic education that disciplines and encourages the intellectual and spiritual growth of the student in order to prepare them to pursue higher studies.
At TIA, we strictly follow the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training Curriculum.
We offer classes from Pre-School to Grade 12.
Tayyibah Islamic Academy is registered and approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training. The School BSID number is 881156.

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Tayyibah Islamic Academy
100 McLevin Avenue Unit 205

Scarborough, M1B 2V5

Phone: 416.297.7336

E-mail: info@tayyibahacademy.com

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